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Friday: 4 - 7pm
Saturday: 10am - 7pm
Sunday: 10am - 5pm


608 Maynard Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104

call/text: 206-403-5146

"The frog in the well knows nothing of the sea."

mam's books is the only independent Asian American bookstore in Seattle and the entire Pacific Northwest. Our focus is on providing books and titles to the community by Asian American authors and writers.


Our vision is to create a physical space in the community that uplifts Asian American voices and perspectives. We see ourselves as a community "living room". We want to see the community engage authentically with themselves and each other in this space. We want the bookstore to be a place to have fun, enjoy good conversations, explore new ideas (or maybe revisit old ones!), and where all Asian Americans feel heard and seen. 


We're committed to having mam's books as a resource and platform for the Asian American community. We believe in serving this community and the even brighter future of the Asian American experience and movement here in Seattle's Chinatown/International District. We'd be so honored if this bookstore can even play a small role in what makes this neighborhood so special.

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