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API Leaders
Hood & Fam

😊  Ron Chew for believing in me no matter what

✌️ Alan Lau for constant encouragement & literary news

😊 Vesna Danh & Vince Castro for letting me fill your

       entire garage with even more of my stuff

❤️ Joan Yoshitomi for your support & book donation

😊 Jared Johnson for affirming the vision of a C/ID bookstore

      ✌️Sopha Danh & Scott Stcherbinine, also for letting

            me fill your 2-door garage with bookstore furniture

❤️ Vana Danh & Vince Castro for letting me borrow

       the truck, countless times!

✌️ Jamie Lee for always supporting my dreams
❤️ Kenny Che for your kindness & knowledge

😊 Vira Danh & Dan Albers for thinking of me and 

       grabbing the display shelves 


😊 Maria Batayola for your connections!

✌️ Rachtha Danh for picking up the big table with me

       and Yin for the frog


❤️ Evan Black for picking up the orange couch

Biz Advisers

😊 Alex Leal for picking up the table last minute!


✌️ Jaylan Agosa for the wet & rainy pick up to grab 

       vintage lockers

😊 Shanti Breznau for stressing the importance of numbers 

      and helping guide my entrepreneurial journey 

❤️ Linda Danh and Tony Doan for your help moving  

       to the storage unit (& always being willing to help!)

😊 Seattle Chinatown/International District PDA
✌️ International Examiner
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