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Welcome to mam's books 

You might be wondering who is mam? Well, mam is our dad!

I named this bookstore after him because our dad always found a way to put us around books growing up. We had religiously scheduled family trips to the library every week where all 7-of-us, kids, would be left to our own devices to get lost in aisles and aisles of books. 


I remember when Barnes & Nobles became all the rage in the 90's, my dad would load up the family van and we became regulars there too (which worked real well because my mom worked at a restaurant close to one, so we usually went to Barnes and Nobles before picking her up).

I don't think any of us realized it back then, about how lucky we were to have a mom and dad who cared so much about us and our education. My parents never had much in terms of material wealth, but they always provided for us - and books were always a central part of our lives as Cambodian refugees trying to make it in America. 

Books are one of the most accessible ways to learn new things, a way for us to take a break from the world (when it's needed), to explore the past (and hopefully learn from it) and most of all, books (and the ideas contained in them) can often open up our own mind's possibilities to having bigger dreams for the future. 

mam’s books is named after our dad, but dedicated to both of my parents. They taught us to never stop dreamin'

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