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Founding Membership Club

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Help us create a small independent bookstore in the C/ID by becoming a member of our founders club and directly investing in the bookstore. You can tell us how you want your money to be invested and learn more about our funding needs.

Why Invest?

mam's books is the only independent Asian American bookstore in Seattle and the entire Pacific Northwest. Our focus is on providing books and titles to the community by Asian American authors and writers.

Our vision is to create a physical space in the community that uplifts Asian American voices and perspectives. We see ourselves as a community “living room”. We want to see the community engage authentically with themselves and each other in this space. We want the bookstore to be a place to have fun, enjoy good conversations, explore new ideas (or maybe revisit old ones!), and where all Asian Americans feel heard and seen.

We’re committed to having mam's books as a resource and platform for the Asian American community.

But, an independent bookstore in Chinatown?

We intentionally choose to open an independent bookstore in the Chinatown/International District because of the incredible history of the Asian American movement here. Unlike any other Chinatown in the country, Seattle’s Chinatown/International District encompasses three distinct ethnic neighborhoods – Chinatown, Japan Town, and Little Saigon. Other communities including a historic Filipino Town have also contributed to the neighborhood's unique geography and culture of working, living and playing together.

Seattle’s Chinatown/International District’s history of community activism is legendary. Bob Santos, a civil rights icon in the 1970s preserved the neighborhood by unapologetically increasing affordable housing and providing culturally relevant services for Asian elders including a free community health clinic still in operation today (known as ICHS or International Community Health Services). “Uncle Bob” inspired a generation of community leaders and activists, who continue to serve the neighborhood.

Seattle is a city that has rapidly gentrified and displaced communities of color, but the Chinatown/International District is one of the remaining neighborhoods still home to artists, activists, writers, and political mavericks living in the same community. This neighborhood is home to multi-generational, small businesses and restaurants started by immigrants, refugees and most of all, ordinary people from all walks of life, just trying to do the best they can.

We believe in serving this community and the even brighter future of the Asian American experience and movement here in Seattle's Chinatown/International District. We'd be so honored if this bookstore could even play a small role in what makes this neighborhood so special.

Benefits & Perks

  • VIP invitation to bookstore's grand opening day

  • Early access and personal invitations to author talks and events

  • Exclusive naming rights and/or personalized message on one bookcase at mam's books (using a custom engraved brass plate that will be mounted to bookcase)

  • Recognition as part of Founding Membership Club

  • Receive a mam's books classic logo tee

  • Receive a mam's books classic tote bag

  • Receive a Chinatown/ID neighborhood journal

Ready to Invest?

Please fill out this form here and we'll get back in touch with you. Thank you for your consideration!

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